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                                    Professional Incorporation and Asset Protection Services

                                    Corporate Guys, LLC, has been offering asset protection and incorporating businesses since 1997 and has set up thousands of corporations and limited liability companies (LLC's) for business owners in all 50 states. As an innovative business consulting firm, we specialize in corporate structuring, estate planning, trust formations, business credit services, asset protection, and tax saving strategies. The difference between owning property, and controlling it, are two very different things.  We will show you how such great wealth herders as Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and many others protect their assets through irrevocable trusts, family trusts, and Nevada Corporations.

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                                    Asset Protection
                                    Our team of asset protection consultants will offer you the best strategies to protect and secure your assets.  Whether you have land, vehicles, money, or even stocks, we will give you a sound plan to control what you have, yet keep it safe from harm's way.
                                    Incorporate a Business
                                    Whether you would like to incorporate in your home state or setup a Nevada Corporation, Wyoming Corporation, or North Carolina Corporation, we will assess your needs to deliver the best recommendation for your needs at pennies on the dollar.
                                    Business Credit
                                    We will show you how to build and grow your business credit through powerful and easy techniques.  Grow your business without having to put your own money or personal credit on the line.  Call us today to find out what the big corporations are doing that you can too!

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                                      PROFESSIONAL ASSET PROTECTION PLANNING
                                      FAST CORPORATION SETUP IN ANY STATE
                                      BULLET-PROOF YOUR ASSETS
                                      LIMITATION OF YOUR PERSONAL LIABILITY
                                      FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION
                                      LOW-COST, HIGH QUALITY SERVICES
                                      OVER 15 YEARS OF ESTATE PLANNING EXPERIENCE

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                                    We Offer the Following Services

                                    Asset Protection
                                    Business Incorporation
                                    Estate Planning
                                    Transfer of Assets
                                    Corporate Consulting
                                    Build Business Credit
                                    Corporate Mergers
                                    Corporate Acquisitions

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